23 February

7 Signs You Were Born To Work In Events

A career in events can be incredibly rewarding.

You get to work with inspirational people, create amazing experiences for people and no day is ever the same.

However it’s also not for everyone – the job can be tough, demanding and requires a mix of skills that are really quite rate.

Yet some people are born to work in events. Here are the 7 signs that you were too.

1. You Organised Your Toys

Were you the kid who loved to organise their toys? Did you stack the cups rather than knocking them down? Did you pretend to host organised tea parties where the dolls sat around in quaint order, or create elaborate ranks of armies in perfect unison, ready for battle at a moment’s notice?

Chances are you were a budding event organiser.

2. You Always Hosted The Party

As you grew up, did you always find yourself hosting house parties, dinner dates and organising the weekend activities for your friends or family?

Were you always the one with a timetable of activities, a detailed itinerary and a plan B for each thing that could go wrong when going on holiday?

Yep, pretty strong signs you were meant to be an event planner.

3. You Loved Meeting New People

Some kids are shy, and some just love making new friends.

Were you always happy to strike up conversations with strangers, entertain your parent’s friends or welcome the new kid at school into your friendship group?

Did you always know who to introduce at parties, because they would just get on? Did you relish the chance to get out of your comfort zone and mingle with a new crowd?

The ability to connect with others and take pleasure in meeting new people is a great indicator you were meant to be an event professional.

4. You Showed Natural Flair

Most homework is handed in last-minute, hurriedly written on the bus using a blunt pencil or red ink because it’s the only pen that can be borrowed.

But was yours different? Did your homework include pictures and graphs where appropriate? Was it neatly ruled, with multiple colours used to highlight different sections and accent important points?

Did you relish all those practical classes like cooking, woodwork and art because you got to make cool stuff and experiment?

Anyone born with that creative spirit was clearly suited to a career in events.

5. You Sweated The Details

Were you the person in class who just couldn’t help but ask ‘why’? Did you want to really understand, and not just accept the world as it is? Did you take apart appliances to really get to the bottom of how it worked?

Did you hand in work that was ‘just good enough’ or did you work on it until you were proud?

As you got older, were you content to host your parties at the last minute, with no care for how people would arrive, what they would eat or drink, and whether or not there was the right balance of guests? Of course not!

You care about the details. The little things that elevate the mundane to the exceptional. And that’s why you were such a prefect fit to work in events.

6. You Found Multitasking Natural

Most people are terrible multitaskers, finding it stressful or dropping balls left-right-and-centre by taking on too many things at once.

Not you though. From the youngest age you knew that the key was to prioritise. Before you’d heard of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ you knew to put first things first.

Generally this meant you didn’t have to multitask because homework, going out with friends and attending your sports class wouldn’t all fall on the same day.

However when you had to do several things at once, like tidying your room, revising for an exam and contacting a friend who needed to talk, you’d know the best way to get them all done, and done well.

This is a give-away sign that event management runs in your veins.

7. You Used Your Initiative 

Do you recall being the person who often volunteered first? Or maybe you didn’t even wait to be asked, but jumped in and got things sorted.

As you grew up, did you frequently have people say to you “Wow, I didn’t even ask for that!” Did you wait for the weekend to arrive, hoping that something interesting would be happening, or did you take the initiative and make something happen?

That kind of proactive nature is a big indicator that you’d be a natural at organising events.


No event organiser is the same, and everyone takes a different path to get into the industry (many often wind up in events completely by accident).

However if you ever wonder, ‘Am I suited to events?’ then you can cast your mind back, think about what comes naturally to you, and if a few of the traits above were clearly visible from a young age, chances are you really were born to be in this industry!


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