Anton Lisovenko has worked in the Software Development industry for 12 years, beginning working as an Oracle programmer at the start of the 2000’s, and then changed to focus primarily to Java. Currently he is a Software Development Team Lead in Groupon developing software that allows users to purchase goods on Groupon’s online market place. Anton has long experience in developing both UI and Backend web applications using java frameworks (JSF, Spring). He has extensive knowledge of distributed databases and deep understanding of software algorithms and patterns. Before Groupon Anton has previously worked at Anton holds the following IT accreditations and Skills: - Sun Certified Java Programming and Hadoop developer - Fluent programming (coding) skills and understanding of design principles. - Experience in designing and development of distributed scalable applications using in-memory data grids (Coherence, Hazelcast) and computing grids (GridGain, Datasynapse). - UI and web-applications experience (JSF, J2EE) - Passion for REST microservices (CXF, Hytrix) - Extensive skills in DI frameworks (Spring, CDI, Guice) and infrastructure tools (Maven, Hudson, TeamCity, Jenkins) - Good understanding of relational databases, working experience with Oracle db (+ PL/SQL) and Mysql, Postgres - Experience and knowledge in NoSQL and key-value databases (MongoDb, BerkleyDb)

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