Diploma in Google AdWords and Google AdSense via Online Distance Learning

Enrolment date: 30 July 2021

Benefiting from over 30 years’ practical skills training experience, this Online Diploma in Google AdWords course features:

  • Comprehensive modules covering all aspects of Google AdWords: Creating and Managing a Google AdWords Account, Building a Google AdWords Campaign, Keyword Research and Tools, Google Analytics, Managing Multiple Accounts and many more. Additional Modules on SEO, Online Public Relations and E-Commerce are also included in this fast-paced practical course.
  • Interactive course expert support, advice and guidance from leading industry professionals. Always ready to help and answer any questions you might have throughout the course, all of our Google AdWords course experts are top industry professionals with many years of successful experience. This online course contains the core and vital industry key skillset and, on completion, all of our students are industry-ready.
  • Real life Google AdWords briefs. Our Diploma in Google AdWords offers practical and specific skills that can be applied in real world situations. You will gain exposure to invaluable toolkits and prepare a real life PPC project brief, which will enable you to improve your work portfolio.
  • Flexible online learning. Our Diploma in Google AdWords course can be completed in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, to suit your lifestyle. You will have full access to online resources and subject expert support for one calendar year. However, you can complete the course in as little as 3 - 4 months, by dedicating 6-8 hours of study per week.
  • Google AdWords Jobs, Networking and Volunteer Opportunities. Benefiting from many years of industry experience, Fitzwilliam Institute are extremely well placed within the industry. Employers are always looking for our students and alumni. Our website features a comprehensive jobs and volunteer opportunities section.

Google AdWords and Online Advertising: The Basics

Where did it all begin? Google AdWords essentials: Why use Google AdWords?; Google AdWords Basic terminology; Getting started with Google AdWords; The Google world and AdWords; The difference between Sponsored Listings and Organic Listings; The Pay-Per-Click revolution; Google AdWords and Direct Marketing;

Tour of Google AdWords Environment

Benefits of AdWords: Relevance; Return on investment (ROI) and Reach; Targeting the right audiences; Keywords and placements; The power of positioning with Ad Rank; Paying for results only; Discount features; Avoiding speculation;

Features of AdWords: Variety and advert formats; Accessibility via Search and Content Networks; Ad performance and monitoring; Quality Score and Click-Through Rate (CTR); Report Centre; Conversion tracking;

Creating and Managing a Google AdWords Account

Different editions: Starter versus Standard; Opening a new Google AdWords account; Google AdWords: Organizing and Managing the Account; The Google AdWords Campaign Management Tab;

Building an Google AdWords Campaign

The Online Marketplace; Online Profitability Predictions; Online Marketing Trends; Positioning an Online Business Strategically; Building a Google AdWords Campaign from scratch; Setting up Your Google AdWords Campaign for Success; Common Mistakes to avoid when Setting up Google AdWords Campaigns;

Keyword Research and Tools

Understanding Keywords; Match types: The three Google AdWords Positive Keyword Formats: Broad; Exact and Phrase Match Keywords; The Google AdWords tools at your disposal: The Google Keyword Tool; Other tools; Organizing Google AdWords Keywords: How to create Excellent Google AdWords Keyword Lists; Identifying Keyword Phrases; Adding and Editing Keywords; Google AdWords Negative Keywords; Creating Google AdWords Ad Groups for Products and Services; Selecting Keywords and Placing them in the Relevant Group;

Creating Compelling Google AdWords Adverts

What difference does it make?; The Power of Advert Positioning; Google’s Text-Ad Guidelines; Language matters; Copyright and Competition; Links and Offers; Developing Google AdWords Variations; Google AdWords Ad Workshop; Split Testing Adverts against each other; Google AdWords Secrets to make ads work; Google AdWords Click Through Rates (CTR); Writing ads to increase CTRs

Managing a Google AdWords Campaign

Optimising business performance; Settings and placements; Advertising on the Google Content Network; Advertising on YouTube; Competitive research: researching bid prices; Setting bid prices: Ongoing Management; Setting Bidding Strategies; Optimum Return On Investment (ROI); Budget overview; AdWords billing and payments; Planning and structuring campaigns; Choosing the advert style and communicating value; The importance of Setting up and Implementing Campaigns and Ad Groups correctly: strategy; Keyword management ; Using the right tools; Optimiser Tools; Ad Performance Tools; Website Optimiser; Refining using the AdWords Editor;

Tracking Google AdWords advert performance

Overview of performance monitoring and conversion tracking: How to set up conversion tracking; Advanced conversion tracking; Creating and customizing reports;

Google Analytics

Overview of Google Analytics; Creating and configuring an Analytics account: Getting started; Tracking code; Configuring Analytics; E-commerce essentials; Goals; Funnels and Filters explained; Making sense of the data: Viewing your data; Data integrity; Google Analytics Reporting: Report types; Google Analytics tools and services: Benchmarking Service; Website Optimiser; Optimising revenue potential with Google Analytics: Traffic; conversions and ROI; Revenue-driving keywords and your campaigns; Optimising landing page effectiveness and site interest; Referral sites; Getting the most out of advertising your product; Optimising marketing initiatives; Regional marketing; Evaluating changes to your website; Navigation summary and Funnel visualization;

Split Testing

The essentials of conducting Split Testing; Split Testing strategies; Split Testing tools;

Website performance optimisation

Understanding optimisation; Deciding what to test; Campaigns and Ad Groups optimizing; Optimising for greater conversions; Improving landing page quality; Measuring and improving performance using Google AdWords reporting;

Managing Multiple Accounts

How to manage hundreds of AdWords accounts from a single location; My Client Centre (MCC); The AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)

Google AdSense

AdSense essentials; Basic terminology; Getting started; The potential of AdSense; Money matters;

Setting up an account

Google Policy Guidelines; Getting started; Creating the first adverts; AdSense payments; How to set it up; Adding sites to an account; Understanding revenues;

Building a content-rich website

Understanding content; The audience; Building blocks; Design and creative essentials; Optimising content; Google’s Webmaster Guidelines; Automating content management ; Copyright and permissions;

Designing a Content Advert

Copy and colour: what to focus on; URLs; Multiple adverts; The pros and cons: Knowing when enough is enough; Variations and techniques;

AdSense for Search

Revenue searches; Customizing your search; The search box;

AdSense options

Video: The different products available: Click-to-Play Capabilities; video units and AdSense for Video; Google Gadgets; Mobile; AdSense for Mobile: the basics: Content for mobile requirements; Earning potential; RSS: RSS explained; How to set up AdSense for Feeds; Earning potential; Referral Program: Understanding the Referral Units; How to choose and add referrals to a site; Promoting adverts; Earning potential; AdSense a Blog: The Blog world; How to add AdSense to a Blog;

Tracking AdSense performance

Server Logs and AWStats; Google Analytics; Understanding AdSense Channels;

AdSense Reports

Report types: Templates; Quick Reports; Custom Reports; Advanced Reports; Automatic Reports; The Report Manager; Organizing your account;

Doing Business on the Internet

Doing Business on the Internet; The Benefits of Digital Marketing; Online Marketing Planning; Key Concepts; Business models on the Internet; Online Market Research

Analysing the Web

Analysing the Web; An Overview of Google Analysitcs;

Promoting your Website

Website Promotion; Online Promotion Techniques; Web 2;0; Services and Applications; Email Marketing; Online Advertising; 

Introduction to SEO

How People Search the Internet; How Search Engines Work;


What is SEO? What are Keywords? On Page SEO; Off Page SEO; Link Building Methods; SEO Analysis; Using Google Efficiently; Website SEO Strategy Analysis;

Factors Affecting SEO

Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimisation; Content Management Systems; Building an SEO Friendly Site; Webmaster Tools;

Keyword Management

Managing Keywords; Managing Keywords using Google AdSense;

Factors Affecting Web Optimisation

Optimising your site for Search Engines;

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web; How to Write for the Web; Page Titles; Email Subjects; Inverted Pyramid Structure; Blogging;

Ecommerce Theory

What is HTML? Why HTML is important; 

Ecommerce Practical

What is CSS?; How does CSS work?; The three types of Cascading Style Sheets – In-Line CSS; Internal CSS and External CSS; Examples of formatting using CSS; Linking a web page to an external CSS page; Formatting the page with CSS; Font and Text formatting; Working with Links;

Online Public Relations 

Internet influence on News; Internet Journalists; Economics of Online News Production; Internet Critics and other influences; the PR Practitioner as an Online Publisher; Ethical Internet PR; Truthfulness and Duty of Care; Online Ethics; Debate; Guidelines and Best Practice;
Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Media Discourse; Trends and Value; Policy Influences; corporate speak; Implications of Social Media for Corporate Social Responsibility; Local versus Global Communication; Landscaping Platforms; Channels and context; Online PR Organisational Analysis and Segmentation; Developing Online PR Strategies; Online PR Tactics and SEO considerations; Online PR Planning; Managing Online PR Risk and Opportunities; Blogs; Microblogs; Chatrooms; Delicious; Email; Flickr; Twitter; Instant messaging; Message Boards; Mobile Internet ; New Media Releases; Online Conferencing; Online Surveys; Pay per click; Podcasts; RSS; Search Engines; SEO; Social Networking Service Sites; Video Sharing; Virtual worlds; VoIP; Wiki and Widgets; Commercial Implications of the Internet; Social Interaction with the Internet; Web 2;0 and its Implications; Internet Convergence; the Network Effect; Internet Information Exchange; Internet Audience Size and Exposure; Internet Culture and Communication; Transparency and the Internet;

Setting up and Marketing your own Consultancy 

The Business Plan; Legalities; Setting up Your own Consultancy; Marketing Strategy; Knowing your competitors; Promotional Methods; Marketing your own Consultancy; 

Presentation Skills

Preparation and Research; Speech Content; Subject Matter and Objectives; Speech Delivery and Variety; Body Language; Eye Contact; Presentation Aids; Management of Locations and Audiences; Presentation Structure;

On successful completion of this course you will receive a Professional Diploma qualification that is certified and awarded by the ICM (Institute of Commercial Management).

The Institute of Commercial Management was founded in 1979 and is one of the leading Professional Examination and Certification Bodies in the world today. Fitzwilliam Institute have developed and provided practical skills training courses in liaison with the Institute of Commercial Management qualifications and certifications framework for over 25 years. The Institute of Commercial Management certifications and continual professional development training awards are recognised by leading industries, bodies and professions.

next start date: 30th July 2021

Duration: You will have full access to online resources and subject expert support for one calendar year. However, you can complete the course in as little as 4 - 6 months, by dedicating 6-8 hours of study per week.

Course Fees: 995.00 EUR

To secure your place on the course the full fee is required. All fees must be paid in full before the course begins. Please note, the full course fees are inclusive of all course materials and certification costs.

Enrolment intake is strictly limited on this course. Early application is advised. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Fitzwilliam Institute closes on Bank Holidays and for a number of days at Christmas and New Year. Fitzwilliam Institute reserves the right to postpone, cancel or alter courses without notice or to change any of the details in this brochure. Fees are not refundable unless the course is cancelled by Fitzwilliam Institute. Distance Learning courses are provided by Fitzwilliam Institute BGLS Ltd.

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