16 August

Consultation Days - Evening Diploma courses

Here, at Fitzwilliam Institute Group, we take training standards very seriously. That’s why our experienced course experts have developed dynamic, interactive, case-study based, practical evening diploma courses, to hone Industry’s Best Practice and Skills.

We want you to hit the ground running. That’s why we selected our trainers carefully - they are all world's top professionals. They work with winning teams all over the world. They bring you practical insights – using Real Life Briefs - rather than theory from a book. They connect you with the best and the brightest in your industry to help you become an industry specialist. It’s no wonder that 96% of our students enter full-time employment or get promoted upon completion of our Industry Certified and Internationally Recognised part-time diploma courses in Dublin City Centre.

Diploma in Event Management - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 5th October 2016

Diploma in Public Relations - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 10th October 2016

Diploma in Digital Marketing - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 27th September 2016

Diploma in Java Programming - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 29th September 2016

Diploma in Oracle PL/SQL Programming - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 12th September 2016

We want to help make your course choice as easy as possible. That’s why between Wednesday, 17th August 2016 and Friday, 2nd September 2016 we offer free telephone consultations for all this courses – a chance for you to get career guidance and get answers to any questions you may have about any of these industry leading courses.

If you would like to be scheduled in for a 10-15 minute free telephone consultation, please call us on 01 283 4579 or email info@fitzwilliaminstitute.ie with your name, contact details, and most suitable dates/times.

One of our trained experts will go over your background, help you create a set of action steps and answer any questions about our renowned evening diploma courses.

So don't hesitate to get in touch!