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11 January

Would you recommend this course to others? 100% yes!!!

Q1. What was the best part of the course for me?

The best part of the course was the ease of coding and interpretation of datasets; I was completely amazed when I came across statistics and probability because it related to my field in Accounting, and I love mathematics so much, so these caught my attention and were the best part of the course for me.


Q2. What did I learn?

I learnt a wholesome set of Skills, in fact, an entire field I never knew existed in the computer world. I'm very familiar with Microsoft Excel, Word and Peachtree Accounting Softwares, Xero, ERPs, Sage and Accounting seed. Still, I never have come across ML (Machine Language), Anaconda, Python, R and SQL. These were totally new to me, I had zero knowledge of them beforehand, and now, it is absolutely amazing how my inquisitive nature has driven me thus far. I was plain Curious!


Q3. How did/will the course benefit me?

Okay, based on my new experience and Exposure to the Data Analytics world. This would be of great advantage to me in my quest to becoming a financial Analyst, plus, at the rate at which the world is going, the " computer " is where up to 95% of Jobs get done; this piece of knowledge (computer) has brazen and heightened my view on Data Analysis. Furthermore, based on my predictions, it will never go extinct; thus, its Relevance!!!.


Q4. Would you recommend it to others?

100% yes I would recommend because the delivery of the lectures was fantastic, the Exercise, Assignment and Exam Ethics was optimum Professional and very understandable.


Q5. Why should others consider applying for this course in the future?

This is a course that will remain relevant and will not go out of importance. It should be regarded with High importance. It is futuristic in its capacity to Analyse, predict, or forecast events with classes of Datasets and codes. " Everyone needs an assessment of an Asset, Insurance, Project, Estate, Lottery, or Game ". Do this; it is worth applying for as a course of the future. Thank you.


Gabriel Iyere, Diploma in Data Analytics 2021 - 2022

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