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23 February

Want to be successful? These skills will help you in any career

There are plenty of tech jobs out there but the IT industry isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t brush up on some technical skills.

There’s no doubt that the technology sector is booming right now.

Even if you don’t want a job in this field, that doesn’t mean that certain technical skills can’t be extremely helpful to you, no matter what industry you’re in.

Because the whole world is becoming more immersed in technology, more jobs than ever before need harder, more technical skills.

If you’re looking to upskill to progress your career but you’re not sure where to start, these five technical skills will be sure to help you.

Understanding data

Data is everything and everything is data. Anyone who is able to properly analyse that data is an incredibly valuable person to have on any team in any industry.

Everything a person does online is data that can be mined and used to inform future decisions you make. Knowing how to read, analyse and understand data that has been put in front of you will put you a cut above the rest.

Furthermore, being able to lay that data out and explain it to others will make you even more employable.

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Knowledge of finance

If you don’t work in finance, banking or business, knowledge of finance and figures might seem like an unnecessary skill.

However, an understanding of bottom lines, what keeps companies in the black, and what certain decisions or actions will mean for your company financially, will better inform other decisions you make.

It will also mean that the ideas you come up with will have a financial slant to back them up, making them much more appealing when it’s time to pitch them to your boss.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

So much of the world is online, meaning knowledge of SEO can be a very crucial skill. If you work in a company that has any online presence at all, how well that presence is optimised will be important.

If you’re someone who is well read on how SEO works, how it can be met and how all content can be optimised going forward, you will become a great asset to your team.

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Project management

While being able to manage projects sounds like a soft skill, it is actually a very important technical skill.

Unlike saying you’re a good team player or that you have strong communication skills, being a good project manager is a demonstrable skill and one that can only be developed with proven experience.

Whether you’re in a technical job or not, being able to prove that you’re a strong project manager will go a very long way in any industry.

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Technical writing skills

Consider technical writing to be the hard skill that complements the soft skill that is ‘good communicator’.

There are more technical writing jobs than ever before and even within other jobs, having the necessary skills will make you a very desirable employee.

From manuals and press releases to web content and briefs, having any writing skills is always a plus. Technical writing skills in which you have to explain complex things in a way that is easier to understand will make you even better.


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