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5 January

The best experience I have ever had! Andrei Tincu - Diploma in Digital Marketing (2021 - 2022)

The best experience I have ever had! -Taking the Digital Marketing course at the Fitzwilliam Institute was a big decision as I jumped into a digital world. Our classes were always interactive, funny, full of energy and interest. Before taking the course, I didn’t know which side of digital marketing I preferred (SEO, PPC, Social Media) but going through the different subjects; I finally understood that SEO is my way as I was always passionate about Search engines, websites, a bit of coding and the Internet in general, but didn’t know how to combine them all together. Since then, I found out that SEO is something that I really like. I personally recommend this course for everyone willing to change their career, upskill or obtain valuable skills. I genuinely believe that if you’re taking this course, it will increase enormously the chance of winning.

The knowledge and experience given at Fitzwilliam Institute can be used every day, everywhere at any company, corporation, agency or personal business. A big thank you to all lecturers and staff, very experienced, professionals, open-minded and friendly. I believe that taking this course will ease the vision of digital marketing because it offers the opportunity to see the whole picture of everyday life. To understand what’s standing behind an Ad seen on a specific website, social media and more importantly, to know the meaning of a keyword, sentence, colour, design, time.

I think, in the end, this course is more than digital marketing; it teaches you the journey of a buyer, its mentality, our activity online regarding where and how we search information. We as human beings evolve more and more in a digital world; that’s why I truly recommend taking this course now!  

Andrei Tincu - Diploma in Digital Marketing (2021 - 2022)

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