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10 April

Public Relations intern | Wilson Hartnell (WH)

Intern Job Spec | Wilson Hartnell (WH)

An intern at WH will have a keen interest in public relations, writing and the media and influencer

landscape and will be looking to kick start their career in the PR world. Previous work experience will

be a benefit but not mandatory. The contract for an intern will be for 12 months with the potential to

progress to Account Executive - this will depend on how well the individual develops as an intern.


Account Management

Under the supervision of an Account Executive or Account Manager an Intern is expected to:

? Perform day-to-day client account work which will normally include: media monitoring,

drafting a wide range of written materials, assisting in co-ordinating events and developing

and maintaining client and media contacts.

? Be fully familiar with WH’s communications plans for client accounts and get to understand

each clients’ business, PR objectives etc.

? Act as a liaison between outside suppliers (graphic designers, photographers, A/V houses,

etc.) and, as appropriate, other internal and external audiences (e.g., employees, media,

interest groups).

? Meet and communicate with all colleagues and suppliers in a professional, positive and

appropriate manner.

? Be generally familiar with the work of other account teams and other Ogilvy businesses in the


? Be aware of the full range of resources available throughout the company.

? Draft sound, credible documents such as client memos, contact reports, news releases, case

histories, backgrounders, brochures and other materials – paying attention to proof reading.

? Maintain up to date media lists.

? Work towards developing media relations skills by having a strong working knowledge of the

media and their needs.

? Contribute informed suggestions, as well as creative and effective answers during team


? Be eager to think of solutions when problems arise.

? Be digitally and social media savvy and demonstrate real and tangible outcomes in this


? Maintain professional files on computer.

? Be familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet search engines.

? Assist in organising photocalls, press conferences, media briefings, media tours.


Business Development

? Contribute to regular/annual client presentations by assisting with brainstorming and

research of ideas, preparing cost estimates and production of presentation materials eg on


? Contribute to the development and presentation of new business programmes for potential

and existing clients as requested.

? Study and become familiar with programme strategies and implementation tactics.

? Begin to build his/ her presentation skills.

Initiative & General Management

? Balance his/her workload and tasks and promptly communicate any difficulties in time

management or delivery to their immediate manager.

? Communicate effectively with team members to reliably implement assignments on budget

and on deadline.

? Demonstrate solid teamwork capabilities.

? Operate with a degree of independence but know when to seek the advice of more senior

team members.

? Use sound judgment to anticipate, and take action to avoid, potential workplace and client


? Assist his/her colleagues in problem solving.

? Proactively seek and share information with colleagues and clients eg media changes.

? Participate actively in team, staff and client meetings


? Adhere to WH’s and Ogilvy accounts systems e.g. recording of post, taxis and other expenses

consistently and honestly.

? Demonstrate a willingness to understand budget development and budget monitoring.

? Contribute to budget development by negotiating with suppliers.

? Complete timesheets daily and otherwise act in accordance with company policies and


? Manage own time for optimum productivity and maximum billability.

Professional & Personal Development

? Understand and respect the values and work ethic of the company and be happy to

incorporate this in his/her day-to-day behaviour.

? Take initiative in building her/his own skills and knowledge by seeking out appropriate training

opportunities and courses.

? Continually seek out new ways to learn and improve skills.

? Take personal responsibility for own career development and proactively pursue

opportunities for enhancing his/her involvement with, and contributions to, the client

accounts, fellow team members and the WH consultancy.


Please email CV to: [email protected]


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