17 February

Make yourself invaluable this year with Data Analytics

Looking to improve your CV skillset? Data Analytics is the tech skill you’ll need this year!

Learning a new tech skill is never a bad idea, either to further your own career or make yourself attractive to new employers. It’s always a smart move to expand your skillset and, as 2018 only started, now’s the time to sharpen up your CV with something new and look for opportunities in pastures anew.

But what skills should you be looking to hone?

Data is big business, and being able to understand it and track it makes you an invaluable asset to any business. Being able to track, measure and utilise your findings from data is a skill that'll serve you well beyond 2018.

Who’d hire you? Deloitte, Aviva, Google, PwC, and many more...

How can you get there? You can get a Data Analytics qualification in just 10 weeks.

Diploma in Data Analytics - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre

Fitzwilliam Institute’s Part-time Evening Diploma in Data Analytics is one of the most successful data analytics courses in Ireland. Delivered interactively by Ireland’s leading data analysts, the course takes place in Dublin City Centre, two evenings per week for 10 weeks.

Start Date: 27th February

You can apply here.

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