17 July

Jess Halpin, recent Diploma in Digital Marketing graduate

Jess Halpin, recent Diploma in Digital Marketing graduate;

"I decided to enrol in the Part-time Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media course with Fitzwilliam Institute as I have been working in a medical education conference & events role for 4 years and I wanted to expand my skillset in a field that I had a huge interest in. I really believe in the power of digital marketing and social media as a fantastic tool for engaging with people who are important to your business and I wanted to learn how to utilise that within my job role.

I had no idea upon registering for this course just how quickly it would impact my career! Due to COVID-19, our team had to re-structure our medical education conference and event plans for the year to go entirely digital and thanks to each of the amazing tutors at the Fitzwilliam Institute I was able to immediately put new ideas and actionable items in place to expand our scope and objectives after every single class I attended.

I didn't realise just how much of my workload was heavily influenced by and based on digital marketing, so it was fantastic to gain the knowledge as to how to roll out digital marketing plans in the most successful manner for our team moving forward.

Within the 12 weeks of my course, my job-role has now expanded to include a “Digital Lead” scope and I’m excited to continue working on digital plans into the future, now that I have learned how to integrate digital marketing into my workstream, even as we begin preparing again for our in-person conferences and events eventually. This course gave me not only the tools and knowledge that I needed to succeed but also the confidence and ability to implement changes to help my company succeed in an ever-changing climate.

I am very pleased to recommend this course to anybody who is thinking of exploring the digital marketing world, there could never be a better time than now! Thank you to Fitzwilliam Institute and to the great tutors for well planned, highly educational lectures and actionable outcomes."

Jess Halpin, Diploma in Digital Marketing

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