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6 June

How to grow your email marketing list

Increasing the number of contacts in an email list is a near-universal goal for email marketers. However, many marketers make the mistake of buying lists as a shortcut to the end goal of reaching their quota or in the hopes of increasing their reach and engagement.

It may seem like more email addresses will result in more leads, but purchasing lists has the opposite effect. Purchasing an email list actually damages brand reputation and decreases the chance of engaging with the right customers.

So how can you grow your list the right way? Not purchasing existing lists is the first step. But there are many other ways to grow your email subscriber base organically. Here are three to get you started:

1. Give customers multiple opportunities to sign up

Share your  email sign-up form in multiple places, and always communicate what value a new subscriber will get for signing up. One of my favorite places to promote an email list is on a thank-you page. If a customer has engaged with your brand and you are sending a thank-you, use that opportunity to continue the relationship by sharing an email newsletter they easily can sign up for, and communicate the value they’ll receive by signing up.

At each opportunity, make sure you are optimizing your opt-in pages. Make it as easy as possible for new subscribers to sign up — and remember, less is more. Gather as much data as you can and need to personalize their experience with your brand while keeping the signup process short and sweet.

Lastly, always thank your new subscriber for signing up.

2. Begin with a strong welcome email

First impressions are important, and welcome emails are the best way to introduce a new subscriber to your brand and engage them right off the bat. Send a welcome email that is thoughtful, personalized, and shares helpful tips or provides an offer. When you provide value, the subscriber is more likely to remain on your list.

3. Continue to deliver valuable content

To keep subscribers engaged and interested in receiving your email, send consistently new, interesting content. This year, 269 billion emails are expected to be sent every day. There’s little chance for success with uninspired copy.

The best way to fight through the noise is to provide compelling content that showcases your brand’s expertise and provides offers to your subscribers.

Forget shortcuts; take the scenic route

Organically growing an email list takes time, but by following some of the tips above, you’ll begin to see an increase in subscribers and engagement. Taking the shortcut and purchasing a curated email list, on the other hand, won’t increase your subscribers’ engagement.

Take the scenic route, and put your subscribers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to opt in to receive your newsletters or other promotional mail.

Always put your subscribers first. When your subscribers are the ones who decide when they receive your messages, they’re more likely to engage with your brand.


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