17 February

How to create a powerful digital marketing strategy in 5 easy steps

There's no wonder that, in today's digital world, a big part of your marketing strategy is digital. Customers are almost always online, so you have to know where to find them, be able to observe their behaviour and reach them.

To simplify your work, we've compiled a list of seven digital marketing strategies from top digital marketing experts. Adapt these to help your team and business grow.

1. Create your buyer personas

For any marketing strategy  you need to know who you’re marketing to. The best digital marketing strategies are built upon detailed buyer personas, and your first step is to create them. Answer the questions below to create your personas:

  • Identify 3 segments (is there a niche?)
  • What are those segments’ needs and concerns using the site?
  • How do the segments use online to research/buy?
  • Do a google search and check out:
  • Do they use intermediaries (blogs, comparison sites, media sites)?
  • Are there many competitor destination sites?

2. Research your competitors

Find out who your competitors are. Are they online / offline? List them and rank for key metrics such as:

  • Value proposition (USP)
  • Customer perception (share of Voice)
  • Engaging content (Social)
  • Ticketing (availability & limitations)
  • Media coverage
  • Price

3. Set Goals

Decide what your specific goals and KPIs are. See some examples below:

  • Drive awareness
  • Target and drive enquires from specific sectors (B2B & B2C and verticals)
  • Educate an audience
  • Achieve better search engine or social metrics
  • Increased targeted traffic to the website
  • Convert more website visitors to sales, tickets or enquiries

4. Decide how you're going to achieve your goals

Based on your buyer personas, decide what digital channels you are going to use. Make sure your website is SEO-optimised, create a blog and make sure your content is up-to-date. Use email marketing, update your social media accounts.

  • Draw up a critical path
  • A content calendar
  • A social calendar

5. Measure everything!

Use PPC, Analytics, Google Analytics, ticket sales, CX, CRM, etc. Get feedback, from suppliers,customers, attendees, salesforce, affiliates... Measurement feeds back into ongoing changes (website and campaigns).

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