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17 February

How did they get there? 3 public relations graduates tell their stories

Andreas Needham, Communications Officer at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency:

 “I took the night classes for my Diploma in Public Relations with the Fitzwilliam Institute. I was working in marketing communications and PR in a tech company when I started the course, having recently made the move from magazine journalism. I was a journalism graduate but despite working in the ‘PR industry’, I didn’t have any formal industry-recognised qualifications. The night classes allowed me to keep working (I moved to agency PR when I was half-way through the course when the dotcom bubble burst in 2001 and I lost my job along with many others in the tech sector at the time) while studying two nights a week. Classes were held in city-centre locations which suited me as I could just walk from my office every Monday and Wednesday evening. I still remember the various lecturers with fondness, really enjoyed the two years and made some good friends on the course. I put a fair bit of effort into the lectures, course work and projects as well as the end of year exams: ‘you get out what you put in’; and got my PRII Diploma at the end of it. Six years after finishing the course and after working in sports PR and journalism, I volunteered to work with the UN in Nairobi, Kenya, which has been my home ever since. I’ve worked in Somalia, Ethiopia, Jordan and now currently in Baghdad, Iraq. I recently applied for an online Masters in Media & PR with a UK university and my PR diploma, obtained through the Fitzwilliam Institute, was recognised and helped me get a place on the course”.

Suzanne Angley, Luas Cross City:

“The Diploma in Public Relations course was very impressive, even for the more mature students, especially the PR in Practice and Stakeholder management sections. It certainly enhances the scope of your career positioning and overall communications understanding. I would recommend it for people in all aspects of Communications and Public Relations as a beneficial part of professional development”.

Aoife Murphy, Irish Life:

“The Diploma in PR and Event Management course was a great decision for me. My main job is not in PR or Event Management but this is something I had an interest in and has helped me within my own job where I am involved in sports and Social Events and outside work hugely by the skill sets which I picked up while working on my PR Campaign I’ve applied to other areas of my life outside. PR people are experts in communication and through the course you learn from your teachers about presentation skills and gain a broader knowledge in areas such as politics and real life examples of PR in action. I recommended this course to my friend who is attending the evening classes this year and enjoying it also”.

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