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17 February

Data Analytics is the new black

Named the “Sexiest job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, Data Analytics is one of the most popular tech career paths. Trying to become more efficient, save costs and increase revenues, 75% of businesses today have improving this area amongst their top 3 priorities. So it’s no surprise that career opportunities in the field of data analytics are seeing a growth like never before.

This background provides an excellent platform for young professionals to take advantage of and build careers in this exciting new field. Listed below are a few reasons why the data analyst/scientist are great career options.

1. Interesting Work - Data analytics aims to answer question related to market trends and behaviours. More advanced projects would involve learning mathematical techniques used for statistics. Apart from being interesting, one can be part of any industry since the skillset is transferrable in most cases.

2. Pays Well - Any professional in this field would testify that data analytics pays well. And since there is so much demand, this trend is not going to slow down any time soon. Most data analytics graduates can be hired as data analysts or business analysts and these jobs should pay around €60-70K. Of course, this number grows very generously as you gain more experience.

3. Growth Opportunities - As per recent studies, large companies are investing more and more to explore market trends more precisely. This has and will continue to result in development of new tools, experimental methodologies and business processes across industries. For data analytics professionals, this implies ample opportunities to explore career options based on their industries of preference.


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