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27 July

Cork’s digital economy is worth €1bn and could generate 15,000 jobs

The former chief digital officer of Brisbane, Kieran O’Hea, says Cork’s digital economy needs to be appreciated and understood.

Cork’s digital economy is estimated to be worth in the region of €1bn, surpassing its €850m tourism economy.

That’s the view of Kieran O’Hea, former chief digital officer of the Australian city of Brisbane.

O’Hea has established Digital Cork, a new effort to see a digital economy plan prepared for the development of the city and its surrounding regions.

“Digital Cork aims to position Cork to succeed in the global digital economy,” O’Hea said.

“We want to make the digital economy front of mind in local plans and discussions about the economy. We want to measure, manage and grow the digital economy in a planned way, as this will create more economic value than can be achieved by organic growth. Nobody has yet put a value on Cork’s digital economy, but we estimate it is in the region of €1bn, which means it surpasses tourism at €850m.”

“Ireland’s digital economy is worth €12bn, contributing 6pc of GDP. With Cork contributing 17pc of GDP and with 12pc of the population living in the region, Cork’s digital economy could be worth €1bn, which is more than tourism.

“It has the potential to grow by €150m a year and create 15,000 digital jobs over the next five years.

“This places great importance on Cork’s digital economy as a source of regional growth. It is imperative that we create a digital economy plan that can measure and develop it.”


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