28 June


Change career with confidence with a new qualification from the Fitzwilliam Institute.

We have been helping professionals change their careers for over 30 years and have developed our courses to give you the best possible pathway to success.

Here are some of the ways we help to set you up for success:

- Our courses are led by top industry professionals who will share real-world experience.
- We update our courses every year so that you are getting all the most advanced industry knowledge.
- Your assessment will be project-based so that you can practically apply everything you learn from the course.
- You will get opportunities to get to know your coursemates and trainers to make valuable connections for your future career.
- We offer flexible course options including online and part-time so that you can study in a way that suits your schedule.

Talk to one of our dedicated team members to learn more, phone us on (01) 283 4579.


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