23 February

5 Tech Skills That Will Help You Earn More in 2018

Want to make big money in 2018? If you’re fluent in one or more of the following skills, you have it made-and if you’re not, there’s no better time to learn.

Java Programming

If you're a programmer now, or you want to become one, you've probably heard of Java.

In line with a slogan: Write Once, Run Anywhere, Java has become almost an omnipresent language that can be run virtually on any platform. This means that developers highly skilled in the language may be certain to find an interesting and well-paid job. A Senior Java Developer has a real chance for a salary ranging from €74,000 to €130,000, with as much as 90% of all software developers specializing in this language approaching the top rate last year.

Recommended courses:

Part-time (Evening) Diploma in Java Programming, 27th March (10 weeks/20 classes)

Online Diploma in Java Programming Courses

Online Postgraduate Diploma in Java Programming Courses

Oracle SQL Programming

Developed in the ’60s, IBM Structured Query Language appears in approximately 13% of job advertisements on recruitment websites as one of the requirements for potential IT employees. This is the language for special tasks currently used to manage information in Oracle databases.

At the end of 2017 the average salary of SQL Developers in the US amounted to €70,000 per year. Given the frequency of occurrence of the Oracle databases in many companies, organisations and institutions, experts predict that in 2018 specialists using the language in their work may expect a remuneration of even €80,000.

Recommended Courses:

Part-time (Evening) Diploma in Oracle Programming, 279th May (10 weeks/20 classes)

Online Diploma in Oracle Programming Courses

Online Postgraduate Diploma in Oracle Programming Courses

Data analytics

The industry has been building up to this for several years: big data is king. Companies are appealing for employees who can take huge amounts of information and analyse them for insights.

As far as concrete skills you can learn right now, R is the language of choice for statistical analysis and visualization. And according to Dice, pay for R-related jobs has climbed 9.7% over the past year.

Recommended Course:

Part-time (Evening) Diploma in Data Analytics, 27th September (10 weeks/20 classes)

Cloud computing

On-device software and storage may not be passé just yet, but it’s getting there, as more and more computing processes are taking place in the cloud. Many companies also prefer distributed computing, which allows multiple computers to network with one another to solve a task (and, unlike the cloud, gives companies control over the actual hardware involved). Many of the skills involved with cloud computing and distributed computing are related, so the two are often grouped together.

Recommended Courses:

Online Diploma in Cloud Computing Courses

Online Postgraduate Diploma in Cloud Computing Courses

Visual C#

C Sharp has become popular due to programmers using tools developed by Microsoft, the company that also created the language more than 15 years ago. C# is known for its simplicity and widespread use. According to Quartz Media (a portal investigating trends in the technology market), the average salary of a developer specialising in the object-oriented language will amount to €89,000.

Recommended Courses:

Online Diploma in C#

Online Postgraduate Diploma in C#

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