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17 February

3 essentials steps to prep for a new PR job

It’s the blissful few days between your old gig and your new one. While it’s tempting to kick back and indulge in a Netflix binge in this time between jobs, this is the time to really push yourself to prep for the first day of your new gig in the PR industry.

Acquaint yourself with the outlets you’ll be pitching.
Familiarizing yourself with the media you’ll be contacting is key to staying on top. For me personally, shifting my thinking to the mindset of long lead vs. short lead, in terms of editorial calendars, was crucial. Because let’s be honest, pitching for holiday gift guides in July is a timeline that takes getting accustomed to! Do the research in advance so you’re not catching up on basic research that you could have done well in advance.

Stay in contact with your new boss.
You probably haven’t considered how long your lunch break is, what your boss’s stance on cell phone use at your desk is, or their expectations in regards to replying to emails on the weekends is. Ask those questions now and get to know expectations before you enter your first day. This can help to prevent that dreaded first day awkwardness that no one likes. Details go a long way in assuring your new boss that they made the right call in hiring you.

Rest up.
It seems really basic, but it’s exhausting to finish up at a former job and prep for a new one. Take the time to catch some extra zzz’s so you won’t be entering your first day needing an extra espresso shot. You’ll be training and doing a lot of listening that first week, so being present (aka: awake) is more than crucial to catching every last detail, and solidifying it in memory.

If you’ve taken the plunge on a job somewhere new, you got this! Go rock your new job!

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