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21 September

10 Tips to Help Make Existing Customers Love Your Brand Even More

The urge to market to new customers is strong, yet there are compelling reasons to avoid forgetting about existing customers, who can be a source of continuous revenue. Having a marketing plan that engages existing customers can activate an audience already aware of the value you provide. Promotional strategies to re-engage and energize existing customers should live in parallel with those intended to attract new customers.

Offering restricted content to existing customers offers them a sense of exclusivity and a feeling of belonging. This brand affinity creates an emotional bond with the customer.

Below are tactics you can deploy to connect with current clients.

Digital Tactics 

  • Send customers newsletters to keep them informed of industry trends, new products, services, releases and company information.
  • Align email campaigns with marketing goals and matched with customer analytics. For example, if your goal is to raise awareness, reviewing your most-shared content and creating an email blast that promotes it with share buttons will leverage your audience to help build awareness.
  • Segment email messaging for relevancy. If data show that a customer who buys product X frequently comes back for product Y, get the word out to owners of product X that you have product Y in stock.
  • Create targeted announcements specific to a vertical or an audience group you want to reach in order to increase response rates. When you send messages that are targeted around what customers care about, they are less likely to ignore your emails.
  • Attract a customer’s attention with bold headlines and personalization. Personalized emails can deliver 6 times higher transaction rates. Use power, action, and emotion words in your subject lines. Personalization and strong headlines turn a subject like “Find great deals in this email” into “Joe, open this for the best offers just for you.”
  • Use images to make points quickly and grab reader attention. Articles with images get 94% more total views. Even press releases benefit from images, with an increase of 45% over those without an image.
  • Use your brand voice. Existing customers already know you; leverage that relationship to evoke a feeling of connection.
  • Constantly re-evaluate your content to ensure it’s concise and consistent with your messaging. Existing customers will know when you stray off-brand. A dependable brand experience across your communications is as important as providing a dependable product. Purchasing is an emotional decision, even for B2B customers, and trust is a critical component of that.

Invitations, Rewards, and Special Events

Don’t limit yourself to digital marketing strategies for customer retention and sales. Face-to-face interaction and physical rewards for loyalty can provide significant benefits.

  • Sponsoring an event? Invite your most valuable customers as guests. It gives you the opportunity to discuss new opportunities face-to-face.
  • Give your best customers something to brag about. Welcome packs, thank-you notes and even small gifts give customers an excuse to share their perks on social media and in person with friends.

To keep your clients returning for more it’s critical to enhance the relationship with them so they feel valued. The brand that makes the effort to speak to brand loyalists, and listen, will reap cost savings and revenue with this profitable audience.



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