Diploma in Event Management with PR, Online PR & Social Media modules (Evening Course - 10 Weeks, 20 classes)

start date: 5 March 2018

Delivered interactively by Ireland’s leading event management professionals, Fitzwilliam Institute's Diploma in Event Management course takes places in Dublin City Centre, twice a week for 10 weeks, and features:

  • Over 3 months of intensive high-level corporate training with interactive modules covering all aspects of the event management lifecycle: Interpreting the Event Management Client Brief, Event Management Planning, Event Planning Documentation, Coordinating Events, Event Logistics Management, Marketing the Event, Event HR, Event Team Management, Event Budget Planning, Event Legal and Risk Management, Corporate Event Management, Conference Event Management, etc. In addition, in-depth Public Relations, Online Public Relations and Social Media modules are included in this extensive course.
  • Practical skills training delivery from leading industry professionals. All of Fitzwilliam Institute’s event management trainers are top industry professionals with many years of successful experience in a broad range of events disciplines. Fitzwilliam Institute’s event management course contains the core and vital events industry key skillset and, on completion, all of our students are industry-ready. This course also features a number of guest speakers from the events industry. As all our trainers are industry professionals, you will have direct access and resources within the industry.
  • Real life event briefs. Fitzwilliam Institute’s world-class diploma in event management offers practical and specific event management skills that can be applied in real world situations - "The Apprentice" style. You will gain exposure to a broad range of event types and prepare a real life event brief, enabling you to develop your portfolio of events. The course project is aimed at providing you with the confidence and ability to take on and create events of any nature. A combination of case studies, interactive group sessions, presentations, and questions and answers allows you to gain transferrable skills and invaluable experience, in real-life situations, which will prepare you for a successful future in the industry.
  • Pitch and presentation skills. Fitzwilliam Institute’s diploma in event management course guides you through all of the stages of creating and planning an event, finally producing an event pitch which can be used as a template for future event management proposals. A special feature of Fitzwilliam Institute’s event management course is the time devoted to developing your pitching and presentation skills.
  • Event management jobs, networking and volunteer opportunities. With over 30 years of industry experience, fitzwilliam institute are extremely well placed within the event management industry. Event management employers are always looking for Fitzwilliam Institute students and alumni. Fitzwilliam Institute’s website features a comprehensive jobs and volunteer opportunities section.

Event Management: Event Management Planning

Managing Event Planning Schedules; Feasibility Studies; Identifying Event Goals and Listing Objectives. Event Organisational Charts; Duty Rosters; Record Keeping Mechanisms; Recruitment; Reviewing Event Contracts and Agreements; Troubleshooting Event Co-Ordination; Creation and Presentation of Proposals to Clients.

Event Management: The Role of the Event Manager

The Key role of the Event Manager in the Planning Team, Outlining Core Roles and Responsibilities, Team Dynamics, Task and Event Timelines, Maximising Staff and Physical Resources, Planing and Co-ordinating Team and Suppliers, Decision Making, Contingency Planning.

Event Management: Co-ordinating Events

Developing Creative Elements; Scheduling Entertainment; Site Planning and Inspection; Analysis and Management of the Registration and Admission Process; Providing Adequate Event Security; Planning Event Protocol Requirements; Coordinating Event Speakers with additional Entertainment for maximum effect; Identifying Appropriate Food and Beverage Menus; Event Contingency Planning.

Event Management: Event Planning Documentation

Event Contracts and Agreements, Troubleshooting Event Co-ordination, Preparing a SWOT Analysis to Identify the Vulnerable and Promotional Elements of the Event, Creation and Presentation of Proposals to Clients.

Event Management: Marketing Event Principles

Needs and Motivations of Event Customers, The Market Research Process, Effectively Collect and Analyse Market Data, Reporting the findings to the Team and Client, Elements of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), The Pricing Process and How to Establish a Pricing Plan for your Market, Target Marketing Channels, Promote and Develop a Website and Direct Marketing Strategy.

Event Management: Marketing the Event

Planning the Event Proposal Strategy, Preparing the Event Proposal, Sending Invitations; Budgeting and Buying Advertising, Publicising the Event, Organising Contests, Merchandising, Packaging and Sales Promotion; Formulating a Public Relations Strategy; Conducting Market Research; Methods of Measuring Marketing Activity.

Event Management: Event Risk Management

Budgeting; Forecasting Expenditure; Compiling and Understanding Event Contracts; Managing Health and Safety; Event Risk Assessment; Copyright and Trademark Considerations; Event Ethical Practice.

Event Management: Corporate Event Management

Corporate Events Integration; Organising Local and Global Corporate Events; Corporate Event Types; Events as Corporate Motivators; Managing Important Corporate Events; Developing Corporate Events; Organising Corporate Hospitality; Negotiating Event Investment Returns; Managing Event Costs.

Event Management: Organising Conferences

Preparing a Conference Action Plan; Choosing Conference Sites and Locations; Working to a Budget; Developing Marketing Strategies; Identifying Legal Requirements; Evaluating Effectiveness of Events.

Event Management: Sporting Event Management

Event Media Marketing and Management; Event Sponsorship; Managing Hospitality; Operating Strategy; Organising Staff; Admissions Management; Compliance and Protocol Procedures; Planning Awards Ceremonies.

Event Management: Celebrity Events

This area covers organising Celebrity Events, Concerts and Launches, Television Related Events, Award Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, National Festivals, Galas, Special Themed Events, Internet Event Launches, dealing with Celebrity Agents, handling Celebrity Wish Lists, Fireworks Displays.

Event Management: Fundraising Events

Key Drivers Behind Running the Event, Establish a Budget and Earning Target for the Event, Developing the Event Goals and Objectives, Sourcing and Working with Volunteers, Preparing an Event Action Plan for Pre, Onsite and Post Event Management, Choosing Sites and Locations, Working to a Budget, Generating Sponsorship Support.

Event Management: Government, Civic and Political Events

Planning for major Social and Political Events; Event Sponsorship; Managing VIP's; Developing Major Political Events.

Event Management: Event Sponsorship

Determining Potential Sponsorship Market based on the Event Type, Time, Location, Assessing Selling Points of the Event, Determining Sponsorship Fulfillment Responsibilities, Research and Set Sponsorship Pricing based on Market Factors and Event Exposure.

Event Management: Exhibition Management

Researching Markets; Resourcing the Exhibition; Effective Marketing Strategies; Key Promotional Planning; Audience Communication.

Event Management: Event Evaluation & Reporting

Different Types of Evaluation Techniques, Understanding Options to Evaluate the Effectiveness of an Event, Determine How to Evaluate Speakers and Suppliers, Tabulating and Reporting on the Event's Success to the Client.

Public Relations

Sponsorship; Internal PR Functions; Corporate Image; Press and Broadcast Media Relations; Client Relationships; Internal PR; Commissioning and Briefing Photographers; Supplying Material to the Press/Getting Material onto TV and Radio; Organising Seminars, Exhibitions and Conferences; Audio/Visual Aids; Writing Skills - Press Releases, Writing Feature Articles for the Press, In-house Journals and Newsletters; Crisis Management; Corporate Advertising; Brochures and Printing.


The Social Media Landscape

Blogs, Microblogs, Chatrooms, Delicious, Email, Flickr, Twitter, Instant messaging, Message Boards, Mobile Internet , New Media Releases, Online Conferencing, Online Surveys, Pay per click, Podcasts, RSS, Search Engines, SEO, Social Networking Service Sites, Video Sharing, Virtual worlds, VoIP, Wiki and Widgets.

The Internet as a Media

Commercial Implications of the Internet, Social Interaction with the Internet, Web 2.0 and its Implications, Internet Convergence, the Network Effect, Internet Information Exchange, Internet Audience Size and Exposure, Internet Culture and Communication, Transparency and the Internet.

Online PR building blocks

Online Communications Platforms, Online Communication Channels, Online Communication Mediums, Interactivity and Application of Communication Channels, Policy, Optimisation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Online Communications Channels, Online Communications Channels Planning and Implementation.

Social Media and PR strategy

Local versus Global Communication, Landscaping Platforms, Channels and context, Online PR Organisational Analysis and Segmentation, Developing Online PR Strategies, Online PR Tactics and SEO considerations, Online PR Planning, Managing Online PR Risk and Opportunities.

Online Influences on Present PR Practices

Internet influence on News, Internet Journalists, Economics of Online News Production, Internet Critics and other influences, the PR Practitioner as an Online Publisher, Ethical Internet PR, Truthfulness and Duty of Care, Online Ethics, Debate, Guidelines and Best Practice. Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Media Discourse, Trends and Value. Policy Influences, corporate speak. Implications of Social Media for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Social Media

Introduction to Social Media and Social Networking, How Social Media is transforming the way we do Business, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo and MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr and Picasa, Blogs and Blogger, MeetUp and Ning, Second Life, Social Bookmarking – Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon, Running a Social Media Marketing Campaign, Measuring the Success of Social Media Marketing.

Presentation Skills

Preparation and Research; Speech Content - Subject Matter and Objectives; Speech Delivery and Variety; Body Language; Eye Contact etc; Presentation Aids e.g. Visuals, etc.; Management of Locations and Audiences; Presentation Structure.

After completing my diploma in Event Management and PR through the Fitzwilliam Institute I decided to embark on my dream of owning an online directory for event venues and suppliers. Since the launch of My Event Pages, my career in the events industry has gone from strength to strength. The practical skills that were taught to me by the industry professionals during the course gave me real insight into the events industry. I highly encourage anyone who has a passion for events to look into the Fitzwilliam Institute courses. It's hands on, it's fun and most of all - you will leave with more clarity about the events industry and the direction you may want to move in.   

Nadine Gerber, Director

I felt the course was very practical and engaging with expert advice and real life examples. All the lecturers have a vast amount of experience which gives the students a great understanding of the industry. The class is the perfect way to network and meet fellow event organizer. I would highly recommend this course. - Aine Holden, Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

Aine Holden

I did the Diploma in Event Management with Public Relations and I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes and also the project work. The course was practical and thought by relevant industry professionals who were amazing. I can honestly say that I learnt so much over the 10 week course and I landed a job as a Marketing & Communications Executive the minute I had finished the course! - Lisa Nolan, Dublin Town

Lisa Nolan

I completed the diploma in Event Management in 2015. I found the course content interesting and relevant, The lecturers are industry professionals and are able to give you a true insight in to the business which is really invaluable. There was good support available and also some opportunities to gain practical experience. Since completing the course I have secured a position as an Event Development Officer with a national charity. The skills and knowledge I gained whilst completing this course definitely helped me further my career and I would recommend it to others that are interested in Event Management. - Louise McCarron, Irish Hospice Foundation

Louise McCarron

I have enroled in the Event Management Course in Autumn 2015. This course offered more than I expected. For someone like me coming from outside of Event Management field I gained great knowledge about Marketing, PR, Events and all aspects of how to create an event for a client. There is a great array of the lecturers taking part on this course and best thing is that these people have soo much experience in their field that it was fascinating to listen to real life examples. I have gained great knowledge and confidence within the field of Even management and Public relations and I would recommend this course to anyone who works within the industry but also for those who would like to change their career path. - Igor Valigura, Ikea Ireland

Igor Valigura

The Event Management and PR Diploma Course is a must for anyone in or interested in a career in the industry.

The course delivers, it does what it says on the tin with excellent Lecturers, all leaders in their sectors, each of them enthusiastic teachers.

I would wholeheartedly endorse the course. - Niall Browne, Thermo Air Ireland

Niall Browne

When I first found the Fitzwilliam Institute course online I was delighted, but still a bit skeptical. It ended up being absolutly the best thing i've ever done. Amazing, skilled, and professional tutors, all of whom we were priveledged to meet. Course was all practical aswell which meant every class was like going to your event management company and we were given such brilliant real life examples. It was so worth it, i travelled up and down from Galway twice a week. Met some lovely people who I hope to keep in contact with.

Lisa Keane

I've just finished the Fitzwilliam Institute event management course. I really enjoyed the course as it gave me great insight into the inner workings of event management. I gained valuable contacts and resources from the course which I would not have had access to without it. My knowledge in the areas of budgeting, social media, and PR before the course were minimal but the classes have made me a lot more confident in how, what, where, why and when, in regard to these topics. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in event management or even in general PR whether you want to open your own company or join another company. I would like to thank everyone involved in the course for this opportunity and for all that I've learned.

Cathy Phelan

I am nearing the completion of your Event Management & PR course. I actually found it via LinkedIn when I saw a number of people working in the sports industry in event management roles had it listed as a qualification. I have found your course hugely beneficial and putting numerous elements from it in to practice I believe is in part responsible for the massive success of our event. Our event profit went from €4000 last year to over €10,000 this year. The added attention to detail that I was able to put in to practice from the various course modules was a huge help. As I have three young children the best part for me was being able to complete the course in my own time. Yes, you need to be disciplined and put in the work but the flexibility that this course allows you was really great. I also found the assignment review feedback really helpful and detailed. I would most definitely recommend it as a course for any aspiring Event Managers!  - Clodagh Fleming, Rith na Lochanna 5k organiser

Clodagh Fleming

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) is dedicated to promoting the professional practice of public relations in Ireland, and to serving the best interests of people working in the profession.

Fitzwilliam Institute Group, have been Course Directors for the PRII for the past twenty years. We have been major contributors to improvements to the syllabus, adding cutting edge modules as needed in the industry.

The Institute seeks:

  • Wider recognition of the role of public relations in business
  • Higher standards of professionalism
  • Better qualifications for PR practitioners
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There are currently over 1,000 members of the PRII. They comprise public relations and communication professionals drawn from consultancies, industry, government, semi-state, voluntary and business organisations. The depth and scope of our members' backgrounds and working briefs reflect a considerable broadening of the role and responsibilities of PR professionals from the traditional media relations base, and highlight its cross-functionality with a variety of disciplines including journalism, advertising, marketing, legal, financial, healthcare and commercial functions.

Members of the Institute subscribe to the Code of Lisbon, the Code of Athens and the PRII Code of Practice for Public Affairs and Lobbying. These codes seek to promote integrity and clear understanding in the implementation of public relations programmes and closely reflect the overall objectives of the PRII itself.

International representation

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next start date: 5th March 2018 (Monday)

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 classes (2 evenings/week), Monday & Wednesday

Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

Venue: Buswells Hotel, 27 Molesworth St, Dublin 2 (Buswells is located in Dublin’s City Centre in the heart of the business district – next to the Dáil (Irish Parliament) and only a 5-minute stroll from St. Stephen's Green)

Course Fees: €1,395.

To secure your place on the course a deposit of 20% (€279) is required. The remainder of the course fee (€1,116) is due 30 days prior to the commencement of the course. All fees must be paid before the course begins. Please note, the full course fees are inclusive of all course materials and certification costs.

Enrolment intake is strictly limited on this course. Early application is advised. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Fitzwilliam Institute closes on Bank Holidays and for a number of days at Christmas and New Year. Fitzwilliam Institute reserves the right to postpone, cancel or alter courses without notice or to change any of the details in this brochure. Fees are not refundable unless the course is cancelled by the Fitzwilliam Institute. Distance Learning courses are provided by Fitzwilliam Institute - BGLS Ltd.

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