Irish Film Institute Documentary Festival 2016

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Time: All Day Event
Location: Irish Film Institute Temple Bar
Price: various
Category: Festival

The newly rebranded and enlarged IFI Documentary Festival is back once again with the world’s best selection of factual films this September. One of the IFI’s flagship festivals, the IFI Documentary Festival will screen twelve feature length documentaries, with one world premiere and four Irish premieres. It will also welcome a host of special guest filmmakers from Ireland and in partnership with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and RTE Supporting the Arts.
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Tickets are on sale now from the IFI Box Office online here

Music Festivals Composing the Island

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National Concert Hall


Time: Times Vary
Location: NCH
Category: Concert / Live Music

Music Festivals
Composing the Island
07 - 25 September 2016
Venue: NCH
Honouring the past 100 years of classical music in Ireland, Composing the Island is a festival season that has been set up to celebrate the very best Irish orchestral music of the last century.

The organisers of Composing the Island have assembled a roster of concerts that will make music fans dizzy with excitement. They'll be celebrating the influence of radio orchestra with performances of compositions by Noel Kelehan, Gerard Victory, and Thomas C Kelly, while the Celtic influence on 1930s Ireland will be remembered by a concert featuring work by Frederick May and Hamilton Harty.

Irish rhapsodies that view the history and landscape of this little island will see works by Norman Hay, Ina Boyle and Charles Villiers-Stanford performed by the Irish Concert Orchestra.

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Vicar St Comedy Gala for Poppys Wheels

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Time: Times Vary
Location: Vicar St, Dublin
Category: Comedy

Vicar St Comedy Gala for Poppys Wheels
Vicar St
16th September 2016
This September join us for the Vicar St Comedy Gala for Poppy’s Wheels featuring Pj Gallagher, Neil Delamere , David O’Doherty, Eleanor Tiernan, Gearoid Farrelly, Joanne McNally, Dermot Whelan, MC Karl Spain and many more.
This September 16th Vicar Street will host a comedy gala starring some of the very best known names in Irish stand up all volunteering their talent for a great cause! This huge Friday night show will be headlined by PJ Gallagher, Neil Delamere and David O’Doherty and they’ll be joined by a host of Irish stand up stars on the night like Eleanor Tiernan, Gearoid Farrelly, Joanne McNally, all MC’ed by the inimitable Karl Spain with appearances from Today FM’s Dermot Whelan and special surprise star guests on the night! It’s a guaranteed hilarious Friday night out with the cream of Irish comedians at Vicar Street and all for a great cause!
Poppy’s Wheels is a volunteer run benefit fund originally established in 2014 to help pay for the transport and equipment needs of Poppy Shankey, a 9 year old girl from Walkinstown with cerebral palsy and complex care needs. In 2015 the fund succeeded in raising money for an all-terrain wheelchair (called a ‘Hippocamp’ , the French for Seahorse) for Poppy, which was specially imported from France and allows her to go the beach and the forest with her whole family - something that was never possible with her everyday wheelchair. We want to expand the fund to help other families of disabled children to experience days out to the beach and the great outdoors together – simple pleasures enjoyed by so many families but that are not possible for most with a wheelchair using child. We will use the funds raised at the Comedy Gala to bring several of these wheelchairs into Ireland and pilot a scheme making them available to Irish families for short periods (eg for a weekend) which we will administer on a not-for-profit basis through our friends at the special needs shop and suppliers Adam and Friends ( - who are the suppliers of the Hippocamps here in Dublin.
The Poppys Wheels gala will also raise funds for the summer camps at Poppy’s special needs school in Clondalkin (Scoil Mocua) and for it’s sister school in Clontarf, both of which are part-funded by the Parents Association of each school. Summer camps for kids like Poppy involve wheelchair adapted buses, Special Needs Assistants and Nursing Staff – and all that’s before they’ve headed out on any activities – so they are unusually expensive to organize! Half of the funds raised by the comedy gala will go towards these summer camps, the other half will be split between the purchase of Hippocamps and Poppy’s own ongoing equipment needs. 100% of the funds raised on the night will go to these causes and all of the comedians have all given their time and talent for free for this great night! .

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Hundreds of jobs announced in bumper week of activity

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Over 400 jobs were announced this week, with Leitrim the main beneficiary after VistaMed’s creation of a 163-strong facility at Carrick-on-Shannon.

Leitrim, Limerick, Lisburn, Galway, Mayo and Dublin all benefitted from a raft of new jobs announcements this week, with Fitbit and VistaMed delivering the more eye-catching developments.

€10m investment in a new 45,000sq ft state-of-the-art R&D facility in Leitrim will see VistaMed, already the largest employer in the county, add another 163 to its workforce by 2018. Some 37 positions have already been filled and, once this latest recruitment drive has completed, the company will bring its total number of employees to 525.

We want more

The company has said that the funding comes following an increased demand from the global medical device market for its products, with a new cleanroom necessary to satisfy demand in its primary catheter product line.

Over in Dublin, wearable giant Fitbit is establishing its EMEA HQ on Baggot St with the promise of 50 jobs by year’s end. In 2017, that figure will double, as the office hosts senior management roles, sales, marketing, operations, finance and customer support staff.

“We’ve seen Dublin become a strategic hub for the technology industry and as a centre for innovation and sourcing top talent in the region, and we look forward to building a strong team here to complement our offices around the world,” said Fitbit CEO and co-founder James Park.

Insurance for all

Elsewhere, Se2 – a third-party technology administrator for the insurance industry – will be growing its Waterford workforce from 70 to 135, with the jobs rolled out over the next three to four years. RouteMatch, Ripplecom and Coca-Cola made moves, too.

We heard from Kelly Hoey, investor at Laconia Capital, who discussed her three top tips for people looking to forge a new career. Building expertise, networks and bank balances are key.

“Networking is actually just human relationships and people,” she said. “It’s not a platform, it’s not an app. Relationships are what drive economies, ideas, and create possibilities.”

Rather than the antiquated logic of ‘keeping your head down, working hard and making it up the corporate ladder’, Hoey instead said today’s world works differently.

Back to work

Elsewhere VMWare announced its ISA Software Skillnet-backed 12-week back-to-work initiative, designed for those who have been out of the industry for more than two years.

This could include people who were stay-at-home parents or were out of work for a period of time, but now wish to return to the workforce.

And pizza has positioned itself top of the motivation charts, following a study at Intel. Faced with the option of a bit of extra cash, a pat on the back or some pizza, productivity rose among those who plumped for the latter.

1. 65 tech jobs for Waterford as Se2 officially opens new facility

Se2 – a third-party technology administrator for the insurance industry – will be growing its Waterford workforce from 70 to 135, with the jobs rolled out over the next three to four years.

2. New Leitrim VistaMed facility to create 163 jobs by 2018

Leitrim has received a significant jobs boost with news that the medical devices manufacturer VistaMed is to create 163 jobs there following the opening of its new facility in Carrick-on-Shannon.

3. Wearable tech giant Fitbit plans to create up to 100 new jobs in Dublin

Health and fitness band maker Fitbit is to establish its EMEA headquarters in Dublin, with plans to employ 50 people this year and up to 100 employees by the end of 2017.

4. VMware to train and return former IT workers to the workforce

A new 12-week back-to-work initiative from VMware is open for ex-IT professionals looking to retrain and return to the workplace.

5. Pay us in pizza! How a few slices can motivate an entire team

What actually motivates your staff? A slice of pizza and a thank you, not some extra cash. That’s according to a novel piece of research.

6. Customer success – a new tech career path with a rosy future

For those just starting out in their career, the path to success can seem impassable. You know it’s possible, but getting there is the challenge.

7. The art of networking is personal, not digital

Kelly Hoey, investor at Laconia Capital, discusses her three top tips for people looking to forge a new career. Building expertise, networks and bank balances are key.

8. ‘Here are the four Cs that build a motivated workforce’

In a keynote talk at Inspirefest 2016, Monica Parker delivered her four Cs to create a motivated workforce. It sounds simple, but it’s not.


10 Things You Need to Learn From Apple's Marketing

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Steve Jobs didn't have a master's degree, and he certainly wasn't an engineer, but he excelled at marketing. Those marketing skills propelled Apple into the top spot and turned the company around from near bankruptcy.

Apple’s marketing has become a benchmark for other companies that want to reach similar heights of recognition and revenue. Whether you are a top tier content marketing agency or a SaaS (software as a service) product, you can learn a thing or two from Apple. Here are 10 big lessons:

1. Keep it simple. 

Customers and prospects don’t need complex marketing campaigns that overwhelm them with information. Apple understood this concept early on and made sure that their marketing was as simple as possible. They took out product feature lists, price, voice-overs and special effects.

In Apple marketing, there isn’t typically any information on where and how to buy their products. Instead, the ads and other marketing messages are very straightforward -- typically showing the product and letting it speak for itself. Leave out the flashy noise, strip down the content to the bare minimum, and display simple graphics that translate your message.

There is no need for jargon or technical terms that take away from what you are really offering your audience.

2. Use product placement.

Apple has the budget to get its devices on television shows and movies, but it's fine to start smaller too. Any marketer can place a product with an influencer who can then share it on their social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat. Once an influencer shares your product and shows their followers how beneficial it is, the seed is planted and leads are made.

3. Leverage reviews. 

Apple has done well getting reviews from its customers -- and you can too. A free trial or sample can be offered in exchange for a testimonial or a review that appears on social media or a review website. Many times, customers are happy to give a review if you just ask them. A coupon or some other exclusive deal is icing on the cake.

Make sure each testimonial has the person’s name and image or avatar. If it’s a B2B relationship, be sure to add a link back to their website for further credibility.

4. Focus on unique value proposition rather than price. 

A big part of Apple’s marketing strategy is that they never get involved in price wars. They stick to their pricing albeit it is often much higher than any of the competition. They can do this because they focus on touting their unique value proposition that no other competitor has been able to emulate -- beautiful products that work straight from the box.

Apple also focuses on providing a great user experience with cool features and extensive applications that put it in a product class by itself. Whatever device Apple is offering, they make sure the customer feels like it’s worth paying the higher price. This method of thought can be used to market any product or service environment. Just focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the market.

5. Stand for something. 

Customers want to know that you represent something --  core values that they can see in action in order to feel comfortable buying and using your products. This stand goes beyond just the product. It must be apparent in everything else connected to it -- the packaging, retail appearance and marketing collateral. The messages must repeat those values throughout all platforms.

Messaging consistency reinforces the beliefs of your audience; that your brand can always be counted on to deliver what they stand for. You need to look at everything related to your marketing efforts and make sure there is a unified look and feel.

6. Create experiences, not just products. 

Anyone can make a product, but not many can create an experience for the customer that is memorable and entices them to come back again and again. From product launches that feel like going to a rock concert, to movie-style ads, to stores and online shops that revolutionize the shopping experience -- Apple invented the idea of customer experiences.

Part of creating an experience that customers will remember is to use the art of storytelling to generate the experience and add sensory dimensions to the overall delivery. This immerses the customer in what they are doing, making it feel less like just shopping for a product. Instead, Apple has made looking for and buying computers, tablets and other devices exciting.

7. Speak to audience using their language. 

Because Apple has studied their customers intently, they know how to speak to them in their own language, which creates a deeper bond and encourages more sales.

By avoiding terms and explanations that only serve to confuse and overwhelm, Apple has found a way to reach customers on a new level that the competition still has not figured out. Focus on studying your customer, how they interact and talk on social media, and speak to those aspects of your product or service that they are most interested in, and use the words they would use.

8. Develop an aura and mystery around what you are doing. 

The best marketing approach Apple has used is to create mystery about what they are doing next with product launches and announcements that keep what they are up to under wraps until the big unveiling.

This turns customers into rabid fans and gets them pumped up in a way that has them buying whatever it is rather than stopping to think if they even need what Apple is introducing. However, Apple has gone even farther by leaking certain information and starting rumors to further stir the mystique around a product introduction, They really know how to stir up the audience.

Usually, marketers tell their customers everything about a product, but Apple creates more excitement by withholding information and making everyone speculate.

9. Appeal to emotions. 

Apple has created evangelists out of their customers primarily because they have been able to reach and hold on to them at an emotional level. Apple’s ads show happy people having a great time with their iPads and iPods rather than focusing on memory size or battery life.

The more their visual content appeals to emotions like happiness, enjoyment and inclusion, the more likely that content will be shared with others and generate the viral movement that Apple has leveraged. This can be emulated by any business niche or company through strong visuals, emotionally charged language and a positive tone as the basis for all content.

10. Use visuals. 

We live in a world of content where people are bombarded with words all the time. That’s why videos have become so popular. There’s far fewer words and more images that can make a greater impact upon the customer experience.

Apple even had ads with only 10 words because they understand that the words, especially the excess of words, is not what resonates with customers and prospects. When creating marketing campaigns, fewer words mean more to the audience, especially when they are given images that resonate on a deeper emotional level.

Apple has a marketing strategy that continues to drive growing sales throughout the globe. Any company can do the same if they apply these lessons within their marketing strategy, and continue to use these tactics for both new and existing products and services.


What is the future of journalism? Back the smart people

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From phoning in your copy in the 1990s, to Facebook Instant Articles today, the media landscape is shifting. Where it goes is hard to pin down, but the general theme is a need for constant re-evaluation.

Who could have predicted 20 years ago that tiny blocks of lights, sound and Gorilla Glass, in the pocket of almost everybody on your street, would be distributing news in an instant?

Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of Recode, raises her hand. “I did,” she said at Inspirefest over the summer. “When I was covering the internet, before it was anything, a journalist told me I was reporting on CB Radio, basically a fad. I said: ‘No, I’m covering the decimation of your job’.”

Journalists worry about the future of journalism because, according to Swisher, they are among the most negative people on the planet.

“Many who write about businesses have never run a business, they don’t understand what’s happening to their business and don’t understand the profound situation they are in today,” she said.

Print is dying and the immediate growth in digital distribution of news and content is devastating the industries attributed to legacy media. Printers, suppliers, delivery companies; they are all affected.

“So what?” asked Swisher, before comparing it to the phasing out of horse travel as cars became more affordable. “Think of the adjacent industries to horses. There were the stables, people who put shoes on horses. Too bad. There will be another business plan. They will either figure it out or go out of business.”

This is something Raju Narisetti, senior vice president at News Corp, agreed with. “The whole notion of church vs state has become so ossified that journalists don’t understand what pays for their journalism,” he said. “It’s also funny that the Washington Post’s saviour, today, is Jeff Bezos. He made all of his money on the internet.”

It’s not just the financials behind journalism that is in flux, but how the content created is digested by consumers.

A new market for journalism awaits

There is a larger market for journalism now than ever before, according to Narisetti, learning to embrace that is the challenge.

“I went to journalism school a thousand years ago,” he said. “Professors used to say ‘show, don’t tell’. The great thing about journalism today is it’s using technology where you can show, watch, tell, listen and respond. That’s a big change in how we communicate.”

Monetising that is the problem, with video content providers’ seamless hosting of ads and journalism being something difficult to replicate elsewhere for companies.

Podcasting, event management and other peripheral activities, perhaps, will finance journalism in future, but ignoring the requirements to fund these projects is foolish.

News Corp bought Storyful in 2013, while Recode was acquired by Vox last year, evidence that those already planning for the future are not the ones stuck asking questions.

‘We know old media companies are dying’

“The questions are coming from companies that don’t have a sustainable business model anymore,” added Swisher. “We know old media companies are dying. We get that.”

Seamless advertising is the goal, with radio and podcasting another way to host a place “where ads and content can live together”, said Narisetti.

Add virtual and augmented reality into the mix in the coming years and the avenues where journalism can be monetised are actually growing.

“If you imagine 2pc of the world’s drivers will be in driverless cars, that is a lot of time and attention to gain,” he said, though Swisher immediately upped that to 100pc of all drivers.

Capturing that audience’s attention, capturing anyone’s attention, is an ever-shifting challenge.


Junior Project Manager

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We have an exciting entry-level position to join a rapidly expanding and leading digital agency within the healthcare sector. This opportunity will within the Content Support Team provides you a wide exposure to the agency and services provided to clients providing a good fundamental start to life in a digital marketing agency. Working as part of a collective team you will be primarily responsible for managing the processing and delivery of specific content requests & a level of helpdesk support for client’s requests across updating their websites. Triaging requirements and processing requests through to resolution.
TRAINING will be provided in various disciplines of digital marketing as part of this role.
We are looking for someone that:

  • Is a personable and proactive individual who is able to provide a valuable service to customers
  • Strong communication skills to work with clients via telephone and strong written communication
  • Will be organized, task orientated with a strong eye for detail and quality. Motivated to succeed and deliver a professional service.
  • There may be the need to deliver training on systems either face to face or via Telephone/video conference as well as troubleshoot issues with clients,
  • Can interface and route technical requirements to various teams where appropriate
  • Will be managing ticketing system and communicating progress back to clients.

This is a full time position based in our London or NY or Dublin office. Multiple positions available.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:

  • A degree in either Marketing, Information Management, or a related field
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Previous customer service / help desk experience
  • Knowledge of Drupal and other Content management systems (CMS) from an admin perspective would be useful
  • Knowledge of web analytics and reporting would also be of interest
  • Interest in technology and digital industry
  • Multiple languages may be an advantage (especially Japanese or other than EU top 5)

Please apply here.

Marketing Executive

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BMH Recruitment & Consultancy - Dublin

The role represents an exciting opportunity to an individual who thrives in a dynamic environment. Reporting to the Managing Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for managing and developing marketing campaigns for the Company.

Key areas of Responsibilities:


  • Contributing to, and developing, marketing plans and strategies;

Brand Management

  • Provide assistance and support to the sales and promotion teams in the provision of brand and customer promotional materials
  • Manage branding in all areas of the business including signage, livery, uniforms, etc.

Consumer Relations

  • Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships

Research & Trends

  • Conducting market research such as customer questionnaires and focus groups
  • Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, and stakeholders
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring competitor activity

Digital Marketing

  • Develop search strategy across Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media
  • Management of Google Adwords
  • Develop relationships with affiliates and associates
  • Conduct strategic account reviews regularly to review service statistics and usage trends
  • Develop and manage online media sales with existing and new accounts
  • Monitor and Manage lead traffic
  • Creative writing

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Design and execute corporate social responsibility plans for the group
  • Collaborate with both internal and external stakeholder to ensure the goals of the corporate social responsibility plan of action are aligned with the organization’s mission and satisfy the needs of the stakeholder.

Skills & Experience

  • minimum 2/3 years’ experience in similar role, particularly with an IT and digital market focus.
  • communication and interpersonal skills;
  • analytical skills;
  • the ability to use initiative;
  • the ability to work under pressure;
  • creativity;
  • drive;
  • flexibility;
  • numeracy;
  • teamwork;
  • influencing and negotiation skills;
  • oral and written skills;
  • business awareness;
  • IT literacy.


  • Third level qualification essential

Please apply here.

Java Developer

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Company Description

Damco Solutions is a leading IT services, consulting and outsourcing company delivering exceptional business solutions and customer value to its customers worldwide.

Damco offers end-to-end innovative and leading edge solutions to help corporations leverage technologies, outperform their competition and acquire sustainable growth. We have proven capabilities in new and emerging technologies and extensive experience across a broad range of industries and domains which enable us to deliver world-class, secure, scalable and reliable business systems.
Damco has achieved many distinctions and milestones of outstanding success during the course of its evolutionary journey.

Please apply here.

Exhibition Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 07 September 2016

Project Description


As part of our Youth Hub campaign, which was supported by the Department of Justice and Equality AsIAm launched a pop- up exhibition.

The aim of the pop- up exhibition is to engage young people in gaining a greater insight into what it is like to live with Autism.


The exhibition consists of 15 banners in a Q and A format and includes an audio guide and a range of activities to enable visitors to ‘Step into the shoes’ of someone living with Autism.


The Internship

AsIAm are looking for an Exhibition Coordinator intern to support the AsIAm team in the running of our successful ‘Autism Experience’ Exhibition.


This role would suit a person studying or graduated from a health science discipline (social studies, Autism Studies, Psychology, Youth and Community, Occupational Therapy) or Event Management and have a knowledge of autism and are looking to gain experience.


The Exhibition Coordinator will help in the running of the event around the country for the next 6 months and will include liaising with local schools, colleges and clubs prior to the event.

Hours required

The internship will require you to be able to attend in person our main office in Dublin City Centre for at least one morning or afternoon a week and to attend the exhibition for two days a month (an overnight stay may be required for some locations)


The Volunteer will need to:


  • Have excellent organisational skills and the ability to plan ahead.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well within a team.
  • Self – motivator, flexible and enthusiastic.
  • Good knowledge of using social media for events.
  • Attend the ‘Autism Experience’ Exhibition events and support local support groups with the running/coordination of the event.
  • Be able to work independently, and travel independently around the country.
  • Be subject to Garda Vetting.
  • Be able to provide two references on request.



Please be aware that this is an unpaid position. All travel costs to and from event locations will be covered.


If you would like to apply please send a copy of your Curriculum Vitae along with a covering letter before Monday the 19th of September to


If you have any questions about the above position please contact Katie Quinn at


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