Java Programming & Oracle Programming Trainers Required

Posted in Jobs on 09 February 2016

Java trainers & Oracle trainers required to deliver high level Java and Oracle PL/SQL courses to new and experienced developers.

Java Trainer

Should have excellent communication skills and practical knowledge of core Java, Swing, JDBC, JSF (or other framework) A full course structure is available.

Oracle Trainer

Should have excellent communication skills and practical knowledge of core PL/SQL, SQL Developer (or other framework) . A full course structure is available.

We run our programming courses in Dublin City Centre on a part time and full time basis.

Interested? Please email your CV to

Fashion/Apparel PR Internship

Posted in Jobs on 09 February 2016

Call all final year students or graduates in Dublin!

Lovely intern PR opportunity for our lifestyle/apparel brand based in Dublin 12.

We are looking for a pro-active rock star!
Someone who is keen to get hands on, real world experience which doesn't involve just coffee making.

Flexible dates and duration - we just want the right person for this internship.

Ideally if someone can intern for 1-2 months or even longer then that would be fabulous!

Your own transport would be a bonus (for you), but not essential.

Email: with the below info.


Covering Email:

How Long you can intern for:

Start Date:

Wedding Planner

Posted in Jobs on 09 February 2016
We're looking for a wedding planner who'll work at our venue on a part-time basis. We do a small amount of bespoke weddings but as we are still a rather new venue we fully expect it to grow, and are looking for someone who will grow with us and share our commitment to, and love of remarkable weddings!
If you wish to apply, please contact Dave & Sue Prickett;

Assistant Project Manager

Posted in Jobs on 08 February 2016

Our client are a Real Estate Development Management Consultancy, they boast an impressive client portfolio across real estate sectors and offer full development life cycle services from inception through design management procurement and construction phase management.

They currently have a requirement for an Assistant Project Manager to work along side a Senior member of the team and over a period of time develop the experience and expertise to to eventually manage their own portfolio of clients and projects.

This new position within the company is a demanding role, working in a dynamic agile environment. Our client hire "the best of the best" and in return they offer a varied, fast paced working environment with a mix of prestige clients and flagship projects.

The firm act as client side Project & Development Managers and own overall client responsibility for the successful completion of Developments within budget and the allotted time frame.

The successful applicant will ideally be a degree qualified in Engineering (Construction Related), Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying or Construction Management, with c. 2 years post grad experience. As this is a client facing role applicants will be required to demonstrate confidence, ambition, a high level of literacy and in particular attention to detail. As our client offer full project life cycle services, therefore, ideally you will have experience interfacing with design and construction teams.

Applications in Strict Confidence to John Kangley

Elysearch & Placement are an Executive Search & Recruitment Consultancy offering permanent staff and contract solutions to clients across the Engineering, Real Estate & Corporate Finance sectors. We currently have active requirements across the island of Ireland and Greater London area. Our experienced consultants all have specific industry expertise enabling us to recruit and match the right people to our clients’ vacancies. The majority of our current live jobs can be seen on the Elysearch & Placement website.

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: €39,000.00 /year

Please apply here.

Junior Software Engineer (Java)

Posted in Jobs on 08 February 2016
Job Description

ROLE: Junior Software Developer - Java

We are looking for a motivated Software Engineer that is interested in building a career in high speed, large scale data processing software product development within the telecommunications industry. We are looking for a highly motivated, goal-oriented individual.  Candidate needs to be a focused, eager to learn, team player with a passion for technology and innovation.

The position is within the Applications R&D organisation and will focus on building and enhancing data processing, filtering, correlation and aggregation for the world’s largest telecommunications monitoring platform. The individual will be required to engage with key stakeholders both internally and externally to define the specific solution to be implemented including but not limited to the customer directly, product management, engineering test and deployment organisation.

The individual will work on a market-leading product in the area of monitoring systems, adopted by world biggest network operators, and will be exposed to leading-edge technologies like Big Data.  High performance and rich feature capability are the hallmarks of our solutions that process hundreds of billions of records per day…..per deployment!

  • Ability to specify, design, codify and communicate the technical design of the solution to key stakeholders. This includes creating high-level design artefacts, and the documentation required in order to describe the functional capability of features to stakeholders.
  • Perform independent technical and functional analysis for multiple projects supporting several initiatives. This includes the design, implementation and integration of the various components of solution including automated testing and verification.
  • Work with different stakeholders including customers/end users, product management, software architects and software developers to design implement world-class software solutions for Tier 1 Mobile Telecom Operators who operate the largest networks on the planet.
  • Responsible for coming up with practical and innovative solutions to complex real world technical problems and also being able to communicate solution to internal stakeholders.
  • Accurately planning, scheduling and executing own work with the ability to cope with changing requirements including multiple assignments. This includes the ability to estimate software development tasks accurately and when necessary to do work breakdown for other engineers.


  • Object Oriented Design and Object Oriented Programming knowledge and experience
  • Java programming skills, includes design, coding, testing, debugging.
  • Experience working with JavaScript and Groovy/Grails. 
  • Knowledge across multiple flavours of Unix O/S (Solaris 10/11, RHEL) with experience of permission management, system administration and other O/S features.
  • Experience working with Database (Oracle) with exposure to SQL, PL/SQL
  • Knowledge SCM tools (Git, Stash, SVN), make and build automation (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo), code testing (junit) with experience working in a Continuous Integration environment
  • Excellent communications skills both written and verbal are required in this role. The ability to present complex ideas in a convincing and understandable manner is a key requirement.
  • Aptitude for learning and demonstrated ability to master new technologies and concepts quickly.


  • C++ programming skills.
  • Any previous experience with reporting frameworks like Cognos, BI, Tableau etc. is a plus
  • Prior experience and knowledge of 3G and 4G LTE Networks is a plus for this role: experience working with some Network Elements (eNodeB, MME, SGW etc.), Interfaces (S1-MME, IuCS, S5/S8, etc.) and Protocols (GTP, SIP, Diameter etc.).
  • Experience with Hadoop Ecosystem (HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Hbase, Spark, Cloudera, Impala, etc.).
  • Experience with Atlassian toolset e.g. JIRA, Confluence
Required Experience


BS in Telecommunications Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent   

Please apply here.

Marketing - Part-time role

Posted in Jobs on 08 February 2016

We require a person with marketing skills to develop and manage a social media campaign to increase customer numbers and revenue . The ideal person will be required to make a strong contribution to website content/management .
Will be required to develop product benefit messages and market to specific industry sectors .
Development and delivery of monthly promotions .
Work with suppliers and salesteam to develop marketing materials .

Job Type: Part-time

Please apply here.

Capitalism: The Musical

Posted in Events on 08 February 2016



Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: The Back Loft, St Augustine Street, Dublin 8
Price: 14/10
Category: Theatre / Dance

Capitalism: The Musical is an acrobatic political satire on the state we are in and the future we can create. The show comes to Dublin the 9th-14th of February, at the Back Loft in Dubin 8. Written by Deirdre Murphy, Capitalism: The Musical is a razor sharp fairytale of heroes, villains, and magic. Its 2014 showing at Galway Dance Days earned standing ovations, and sold out houses.

Capitalism: The Musical tells the tale of a heroic group of everyday acrobats, aided by a powerful triumvirate of fairy godmothers. The acrobats tell their own stories -- who they are and why they care -- while a trio of Emperors breathes down their necks and schemes to stay on top.

The multi-talented cast makes power and control visceral, through acrobatic virtuosity. Spells are cast and broken, whistles are blown, and a possible future is written.

Capitalism: The Musical examines the biggest challenge the world has collectively ever faced. The performers provoke humour and provide hope while reinforcing awareness that we are at a crossroads for human kind. If another world is possible, let's get it in the making.

Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Ticket information:
Preview (Feb 9th), Standard, Concession and Child tickets available.

Images of Starlight

Posted in Events on 08 February 2016

National Botanic Gardens


Time: All Day Event
Location: National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Category: Arts / Exhibits

The night sky has always fascinated people. Recent advances in digital photography have made the imaging of its splendours ever more accessible. This exhibition is a celebration of its wonders and beauty and showcases the work of amateur astronomers from all over Ireland. It includes beautiful photographs taken from back gardens and scenic landscapes throughout the country.

Organised with the Irish Astronomical Society and the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies.

For more details

Makin' Stuff Up - Comedy Night

Posted in Events on 08 February 2016


Time: 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Location: The Workman's Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
Price: 5
Category: Arts / Exhibits

Looking for merriment, mirth, mayhem and mischief?

Then come see the Imps Makin' Stuff Up at the Workmans club on Tuesday 7th April, yes I said 7th.

Marvel at the many majestic and memorable scenes magically made up from suggested montages and sometimes from mere mumblings mounted monumentally by The Imps.

Doors open at 20:30, show @ 21:00.

Top dos and don'ts for job interviews

Posted in News on 08 February 2016

As research suggests the first 12 words uttered are the most important, we look at why when it comes to job interviews it's the little things that really make a difference

Got a job interview coming up that is keeping you awake at night? Forget worrying about how you're going to answer the interviewer's questions and stop getting in a tizz over the formatting of your CV or the size of your portfolio. None of this really matters. New research suggests, rather, it's the first 12 words that come out of your mouth that will determine the outcome of any interview.

The study, which was carried out by the Resurgo Trust, found that the first impression created by small talk on the way to the interview room can shape whether employers view candidates in a positive or negative light.

The trust - a charity that helps disadvantaged young people into work - found that recruiters and employers judged people primarily on the quality of their small talk.

So if it's the first few words you say to the receptionist, or the way in which you greet your future boss that could make or break your interview, what other subtle changes should you make to secure your dream job?

We've taken a look at some top dos and don'ts in the dog-eat-dog world of job interviews.

Eye contact is key

Failing to make eye contact is an instant dealbreaker, according to careers website, which found in a survey of employers last year that 60% of interviewers think it is the most important thing you can do to make a positive impression.

Keeping your gaze averted could make you come across as feeling intimidated. So if you are someone who struggles to maintain eye contact even with people you know, why not practise your pitch in a mirror to make sure you keep your eyes front and your gaze confident.

If staring into their eyes is all too awkward (and, let's be honest, no one likes a starer) a good trick is to lower your eyes towards their nose. (Unless they've got a particularly unusual nose, in which case you might just offend them.)

The colour you wear could change everything

What you choose to wear communicates a lot about who you are and how you want others to see you. Indeed, some studies have shown that the colour you pick for an interview can determine how your future boss perceives you.

According to a survey produced by Career Builder, blue and black are the best colours to wear to an interview and orange is the worst.

Black apparently communicates "glamour, sophistication and exclusivity" and is generally seen as a colour that is taken seriously.

Grey says you are logical and analytical and can make you come across as independent, while white says you're organised, and brown says you're dependable.

Louder colours such as green, yellow and orange communicate that you are fun and creative, but it seems they don't necessarily inspire trust. So put that lairy purple shirt to the back of the wardrobe and pull out a nice navy number.

Your walking style says it all

The Telegraph's own Job Advice section recommends that when entering the interview room you give some consideration to your walk.

"As soon as you enter the building, your body language is being assessed. Walk tall with a straight back. It will make you look more confident when you go to enter the actual interview," it says.

Don't think about it too much though, or you'll end up with a limp that wouldn't look out of place in Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks.

A bad handshake can be a dealbreaker

Much like a first date, a job interview can spiral into total disaster in a matter of minutes with a misjudged greeting.

If you try to go in for a hug and a kiss then, frankly, you've got bigger problems. But even a slightly weak handshake can spell the end of what could have gone on to be an otherwise good interview.

A strong - but not knuckle-breaking - handshake will show you are in control and eager to impress.

Be mindful of personal space

Make sure you are aware of the interviewer’s personal space, especially if you're prone to wild gesticulating.

It's fine to come across simply as animated by using your hands while talking, but try not to go over the top with it. Waving your hands around in close proximity to your interviewer may alarm them, so make sure you maintain a good distance.

In the same vein, try not to lean on the interviewer's desk. This could be seen as disrespectful and rather too casual for such a formal setting. Sit up straight in your chair and you'll come across as confident and interested in what the interviewer has to say.

Don't touch your ears or your nose

Are you secretly worrying about that bit on your CV where you said you spoke fluent French when actually you barely scraped a B at GCSE? Whatever you do, then, don't fidget with your ear lobes or wipe your nose. This can, apparently, imply that you might be lying.

In fact, fidgeting of any kind will make you look nervous, so keep your hands under control.


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